So roll me further, bitch


I did a thing…

Andrew and Emma at the Venice Airport ( August 30, 2014)

For when you’re in need of an impromptu vintage dance party


i think about diplomat’s son a lot more than i probably should


V A M P I R E W E E K E N D LITE: 13 of their best songs from 3 different albums to get you started

vampire weekend stream/contra stream/MVOTC stream

beginner’s guide to vampire weekend:


  • balding, sweaty baby plays bass and dances
  • babar enthusiast w/ a weird accent sings
  • angelic batman plays keyboard
  • bearded basketball player got lost on the way 2 a game and ended up playing drums


+ bonus

i feel like clint or tony would be the type of person to introduce steve to the room, and jokingly would build it up to be this big cinematic masterpiece and talk about how it had huge significance when it was released

and afterwards steve wouldn’t know what to do with himself bc of how awful it was/the fact that he wouldn’t want to seem more out of the loop on this “life changing piece of modern cinema”

I am not some starry eyed waif here to succumb to your… your pelvic sorcery!