My boyfriend, Dylan (pictured above) and I have created a top surgery fundraiser after one year of being together and almost two years of him being on T. We are both offering so many gifts to our donors; from handwritten thank you letters to care packages. I have a shop where I make jewelry and embellish clothing, Coco Pourri, and I am offering quite a few things to donors. I was also very lucky to have pretty cool Etsy shops donate a few of their goods to us to give to our donors as well! Glitter Wurst is donating zines and The Pissed is donating pins! There are more small businesses that will so generously be donating as well (in a way, as my personal way of helping out small businesses by helping them with advertising)! Stay tuned for that by checking back from time to time!
If you like handmade items, the lgbtqia community, and lending a helping hand, please donate to Dylan’s Top Surgery Fund.

Please, help out with his goal!

atomicplushie replied to your post: good news: i got the highest grade on …

Does your prof curve grades?

this is a late reply, but NOPE

she says it doesn’t help at all

and it’s like uhhh when your highest grade on an exam is what you claim the average grade on your exams are….there’s something off

good news: i got the highest grade on the exam in my psych class

bad news: I got a 77